We are delighted to welcome Noh actor and Japanese intangible cultural asset, Reijiro Tsumura, to 2014 Japan Matsuri. He will be performing Hakurakusei a new piece for noh, ballet and piano created especially for this occasion.

Composed in four movements, Hakurakusei is based on an original story written by Iwao Niizawa, chief brewer and director of the eponymous brewery.

It tells of the Hakurakusei sake brewery in Miyagi Prefecture in northern Japan. At first all is peaceful and uneventful. Then comes the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 and the brewery is completely destroyed. Although at first there is deep despair, slowly it is rebuilt and sake is once again produced. The piece ends with a note of hope for the future of the brewery.

能楽師(Noh Actor) 津村禮次郎(Reijiro Tsumura)
ダンサー(Dancer) 石橋杏実(Kyomi Ishibashi)
ダンサー(Dancer) 鶴家一仁(Kazuhito Tsuruga)
ピアノ演奏(Pianist) リオン・グリーディ(Leon Greedy)
作曲(Composer) リオン・グリーディ(Leon Greedy)

In partnership with 伯楽星 杜氏(Chief brewer of Japanese sake “HAKURAKUSEI”)
新澤巖夫(Iwao Niizawa)
Get a sneak preview of this special Japan Matsuri performance, with this glimpse of the performers in rehearsal.


Many people lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11 March 2011. Three and a half years later, there are still many scars on the landscape and many of those affected are still living in uncertainty in temporary accommodation.

Hakurakusei, a brewery in Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture was completely destroyed in the earthquake and the owners were forced to decide whether or not simply to cease production. In the end, through the determination of the chief brewer and the support of those who loved Hakurakusei, they decided to start from scratch again and moved the brewery to Kawasaki-cho, Shibata-gun in Miyagi.

With a majestic performance by Noh master, Reijiro Tsumura and expressively beautiful dance of two young ballet dancers, Hakurakusei is a new composition which tells the story of how the brewery has recovered, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.



Tsumura Reijiro is head of the Ryokusenkai group within the Kanze School of noh and received the designation ‘important intangible cultural asset’ in 1991.

After training under Tsumura Kimiko while studying at Hitotsubashi University, Tsumura Reijiro gained the level of master in 1969 and became head of the Ryokusenkai in 1974. Since 1979 he has been engaged in the planning and organising of the annual night time, fire-lit Takigi Noh event in Koganei. In addition to regular performances of classical noh plays, he is active in the training and development of young actors.

Tsumura Reijiro performs widely, not only within the traditional repertoire but in creating new productions and commissioning new plays. He has toured internationally to countries including the UK, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Indonesia, where he has frequently worked in collaboration with other performers from different genres including opera and dance.

In 2010 he travelled to Russia and Hungary to teach as an Ambassador for Cultural Exchange under the auspices of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.