Japan Matsuri Stall

Dear All,

The seventh Japan Matsuri will take place at Trafalgar Square from 10:00 to 20:00 on 19/09/15.
Now, we are pleased to announce details of Stalls and Stall Application form are ready.
Please find attached files and send the application back to stall@japanmatsuri.com by 07/07/2015 at the latest.

必要事項を記入の上申込み用紙を7月7日までに stall@japanmatsuri.comへご送付ください。

Japan Matsuri 2015 Stall Application Form.doc (Microsoft Word : 492KB)

ジャパン祭り2015stall出店申請用紙.doc (Microsoft Word : 435KB)

Japan Matsuri 2015 Stalls Manual.pdf (PDF : 411KB)

TSQ Catering Concessions Form 2015 - The Trader.docx (Microsoft Word : 164KB)

CATERER EVENT NOTIFICATION FORM 2_Traf Sq_2015.doc (Microsoft Word : 561KB)

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