Kendo demonstration by Wakaba Kendo Club(剣道)

Enjoy a demonstration of a modern Japanese martial art by the Wakaba Kendo Club. Founded in 1993, Wakaba Kendo Club based in Hoxton, Shoreditch, is the largest children’s kendo dojo in London, with about 40 registered students aged between 5-18 years. Further details can be found on the club’s website:

Ryukyu Kobujyutsu(琉球古武術)

Experience the art of Ryukyu Kobujyutsu with Shihan Julian Mead, a 7th Dan master, who trained in Japan under Grandmaster Motokatsu Inoue. Shihan Julian Mead has been teaching authentic bujutsu worldwide for 37 years and will demonstrate some of the Ryukyu (Okinawan) traditional weapons in Kihon (basics), Kata (form), and Kumite (fighting) and show the unique attributes of each weapon. Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of ancient martial traditions!

London Aikikai Traditional Aikido(合気道)

Watch the London Aikikai Traditional Aikido’s captivating demonstration! Witness dynamic Aikido and weapons techniques with sword vs sword and stick vs stick. London Aikikai Traditional Aikido are one of the oldest Aikido clubs in London. Join the club’s classes for adults and children! Learn more at