Japan Matsuri Presents… Tomioka Dance Club


We begin Sunday with a look back at the premiere of the Tomioka Dance Club’s new and exclusive dance. Miss it on the Saturday? Now is your chance to be spellbound by the dance moves of these exceptionally talented High School students.

Streaming Sunday, 9:00

Tomioka Dance Club shot to fame after their tribute to the 80s bubble economy in Japan went viral (check it out below if you haven’t seen it!). Since then, they placed second in the World of Dance competition, LA, wowing people with the themes woven into their exceptional dancing. It is hard to believe that these are not professional dancers, but instead High School students who are studying and rehearsing after school as part of bukatsu, after school club activities.

Tomioka Dance Club were due to come to Trafalgar Square in 2020 for Japan Matsuri as part of the Japan-UK Season of Culture, and we were all dejected when we realised that this wouldn’t be possible. However, recording for us in Japan, TDC will premiere a brand new dance especially for Japan Matsuri Presents, alongside behind the scenes footage and interviews on what life is like for High School students who also dance at this level.

Repeating throughout the weekend.