Japan Matsuri Presents… The Wonder of Folk Performing Arts from Sanriku, Tohoku


If you missed the chance to see this performance on Saturday as part of Japan Matsuri Presents, now is your chance to see it! This is a fantastic chance to get to experience the wonder of 12  performances including a performance filmed especially for Japan Matsuri by a Tora-mai (tiger dance) group from the Sanriku region, in a rare and exclusive glimpse in to the role folk performance plays in the lives of the people who live there. These visually stunning performances will leave you spellbound! 

The Sanriku region of coastal Tohoku plays host to an astonishing range of folk performing arts that have their roots in ancient culture, and have been preserved to a remarkable degree. The area was one of the worst affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and the festivals of the towns have been more important than ever to unify people as they recover. The festivals, as a symbol of the areas rebirth, have been filmed and put together in Japan, so that those at home watching Japan Matsuri Presents can have this unique chance to experience first hand the wonder of the folk performing arts of Sanriku!

Streaming Sunday 27th, 16:15