Japan Matsuri Presents… Preparing Fugu Sashimi with Master Chef Takeshi Suda


You may know that fugu, pufferfish, is an incredibly poisonous fish, and only those with a special license are allowed to prepare it for sashimi in Japan. Master Chef Takeshi Suda takes us though the beautiful knife skills to slice and arrange sashimi fugu in this fascinating demonsration.

Master chef Takeshi Suda
Takeshi Suda is the head chef at restaurant Okimizuki in Kamo Aquarium on the coast of Tsuruoka City, Yamagata prefecture, Japan. The city is the one and only UCCN City of Gastronomy in Japan, and Chef Suda actively promotes the Shonai region with the aim of sustaining international tourism in the area. He placed 4th in the Japan National Skills Grand Prix in 2017 and 2019, and represented Yamagata Prefecture abroad in Europe and America. He is a guest chef at Sozai Cooking School and is a board member of All Japan Fugu Association .

In collaboration with the Sozai Cooking School

Streaming Sunday, 14:40