Japan Matsuri Presents… Martial Arts

Demonstrations of martial arts have been an annual fixture at Japan Matsuri when physical events have taken place – watch and learn from the masters as they demonstrate their skills! Featuring Okinawan Traditional Goju-ryu Karate-do, London Aikikai Aikido, Wakaba Kendo Club, Shiranamikai Karate and the London Naginata Club

Shiranamikai Karate

Shiranamikai is affiliated with one of the largest and most prestigious karate organisations in the world, The Japan Karate Association (JKA). So important is the heritage of The JKA, with its budō principles and scientific training methods, that the Government of Japan has awarded them special status unique amongst martial arts organisations. In conjunction with the Japan Karate Association in England, we offer regular structured classes and opportunities for members to attend instructional training camps, courses, gradings, competitions, plus access to world class instructors visiting from Japan and around the world.

London Aikikai Aikido

Aikido is a modern martial art rooted in ancient martial and spiritual disciplines. Hallmarks of Aikido include unbalancing the opponent, flowing and expansive movement, holds, locks and throws and coordination of mind and body. London Aikikai was founded in 1968 by T K Chiba 8th Dan and is one of the main Aikido dōjōs in London. It is officially recognised by Aikido World headquarters and has high-ranking instructors led by Davinder Bath Sensei 6th Dan. London Aikikai dōjō is based near Paddington.

London Naginata Club (Dojo)

(Atarashii “new”) Naginata is a martial art suitable for men and women all ages. The discipline uses bamboo and lightweight oak pole-arm as a modern representation of a Japanese style halbard. Unlike other martial arts, Naginata is a long-distance and not close quarters art, because the modern naginata used is about 2.25cms long, and with a partner or opponent (for armour practice) this means players are about 4m apart, or should really be no closer than 1.5m at the strike point. Like other martial arts choreographed routines (kata, called shikake-oji) and technique drills form the basis of teaching and building confidence for wearing armour like Kendo players, with the addition of shin protectors and split finger gloves. London Naginata Dojo has experienced, insured and dedicated coaches. We practice before Wakaba Children’s Kendo club class in the same location.

Okinawan Traditional Goju-ryu Karate-do

Japanese karate originated in the southern islands of Okinawa and the aim of the association is the transmission of Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do as taught by the founder Miyagi Chojun Bushi (1888 – 1953). Under the guidance of Master Higaonna Morio 10th Dan, members feel privileged to train in Okinawa and around Europe annually. Sensei George Andrews 8th Dan IOGKF has been training for
45 years and teaches not only in this country but around the world.

Wakaba Kendo Club

Kendo demonstration and workshop will be organised by instructors from the Wakaba Kendo Club based in Hoxton, Shoreditch. Founded in 1993, Wakaba Kendo Club is the largest children’s kendo dōjō in London, with about 40 registered students aged between five and eighteen years. In Japanese, Wakaba means ‛new shoots’ of a plant or tree and careful cultivation of the young student’s development requires dedicated, experienced and qualified instructors.

Streaming Sunday 27th, 17:00, or available on demand in the Martial Arts Section