Japan Matsuri Presents… JSD Dance Crew


Established in 2013 to create a safe environment for the Japanese youth in London to grow and learn together by Shala. JSD crew are a group of young Dancers all of Japanese heritage. Many young Dancers have grown to be more confident, articulate and all in their mother tongue- Japanese. JSD crew have been a vital part of Japan Matsuri since 2014. On this occasion we didn’t want to lower our standard and decided to piece together a music video for you to enjoy at home.
This project was a collaborative process, a first time for the young Dancers to create and choreograph for each other from their homes in London and Japan.

As we are unsure of what the rest of the year looks like, we wanted to spread some joy and remind you to always stay connected to those who love you and you love dearly.

Stay safe.

Streaming Sunday, 10:34