Japan Matsuri Presents… Joji Hirota and the London Taiko Drummers


Traditionally, when Japan Matsuri happens in Trafalgar Square, the final performance is given full of power and energy by Joji Hirota and the London Taiko drummers. So why would Japan Matsuri Presents end any other way? Prepare to be spellbound, and turn your speakers up loud, for the roaring sound of the mighty taiko drum at Japan Matsuri Presents!

In the early 80s, Joji Hirota founded Joji Hirota and The London Taiko Drummers and they are now a highly regarded and well established Japanese Traditional and Contemporary Taiko drumming group. Their rhythmic melodies cascade and envelop the audience, with a sound that is truly felt by the listener! An unmissable performance to end Japan Matsuri Presents!

Streaming Sunday 27th, 19:00