Japan Matsuri Presents… Ichiko Aoba


Ichiko Aoba is a stunning vocal talent and creator of a heart-warming fantasy world though sound. Recording especially from Japan for Japan Matsuri Presents, do not miss this beautiful performance.

Since her first album Kamisori Otome in 2010, Ichiko has released 6 solo albums. She has performed all over Japan, as well as around the world using her voice and classical guitar. She has been working in a variety of creative fields such as narration, advertisement and theatre music, and has also produced installation work for art festivals. In 2020, marking her 10th anniversary, she established her independent label “hermine”. On 2 September, she released the single “Seabed Eden” for distribution. She continues to create a heart-warming, fantasy world. Her band performed in London for the first time in December 2017 and has performed twice since then.

Streaming Saturday 26th, 14:00

Check out her sound here