Japan Matsuri Presents… Awa Odori!


The Awa Odori takes place every summer in Tokushima, Japan, and is one of the world’s largest dance festivals. The atmosphere is electric, and those who go to watch are encouraged to join in with the dancing: as the song of the festival goes, “Those dancing may look the fool, but those watching are just as foolish. If both are fools, you may as well dance!”

In this video, which was recorded in Japan especially for Japan Matsuri Presents, we’ll get a feel for the festival before being given an exclusive demonstration on the dance moves! Even if the Awa Odori can’t happen this year, let’s bring the dancing home for 2020. Once you have the hang of the steps, we want to see you film yourself and take the #AwaOdoriChallenge! Don’t forget to tag us! Let’s get everyone in the UK to try the Awa Odori!

Streaming Saturday 26th, 10:00