Japan Matsuri Presents… How to Make Dorayaki with the Sozai Cooking School


Dorayaki is a Japanese red bean pancake, and it is possible for you to make this iconic Japanese dessert from home if you follow along with this free cooking masterclass from the Sozai Cooking School! Don’t forget to buy your ingredients from your preferred supermarket in advance so you can try your hand at making a delicious and simple sweet treat. Tag your creations with #CookWithSozai throughout the weekend, and on Sunday the best will win a free masterclass of your choice from Sozai Cooking School’s extensive selection! !

Zoom registration here! Or tune in on the Japan Matsuri Presents website at 11:00.

Ingredients:2 Whole eggs
85g Sugar
10g Honey
1.4g Bicarbonate soda
35g Water
110g Flour
Cooking oil for baking
2x 35ml water
400g tin of azuki (sometimes spelt Adzuki) beans in water (235g beans (drained weight))
190g Sugar
2g Salt


Medium Saucepan
Frying pan or griddle
Cooling rack
Wooden spoon
Ice bain marie (a large bowl filled with ice water with a smaller bowl inside)
Hand blender

This masterclass is taught by Suzue Aoyama, from Osaka Japan, who began her journey into food in her family’s noodle shop where she made wagashi, Japanese sweets. She has trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London and Paris, and cannot wait to share her passion for patisserie at Japan Matsuri Presents!