Japan Matsuri Presents… Lesson in Japanese Calligraphy with Kashuu

Lesson in Japanese Calligraphy with Kashuu!

A short talk on the history and philosophy of Japanese Calligraphy with a demonstration by KASHUŪ, a Master of Japanese calligraphy and teacher at the KASHUŪ Japanese Calligraphy School London.

KASHUŪ shows us how to draw the Kanji ‘夢’ (Dream) beautifully and mindfully using simple materials. You can also see how her students practise in her class.

Kashuu usually comes to teach Shodo, calligraphy, at Japan Matsuri when it happens in Trafalgar Square. Now, she shows you how you can try calligraphy from home, with minimal special equipment.

If you do not have Japanese calligraphy equipment, you can use:

Pointed brush
acrylic paint (diluted with water)

Please download the model kanji for this workshop from her website.